As the “Order” expands its influence throughout Europe and across the globe it is met with resistance in the “New World”. The Orders god-like prophet, the Architect, focuses his militant gaze on an enemy across the sea, leaving areas closest to him open to chaos. In Paris, three talented artist vanish. The clues lead to the home of Vincent, the most successful of the three. After a violent meeting with two crazed cultist, our heroes discover an undercroft housing the cultist leader Sparticus and (in a way) the missing artists. The cults failed attempts to force their way into “heaven” have ripped sparticus away from the heroes and trapped the four confused individuals in a strange desolate land. The only obvious route, a Large Road made of a reflective black stone, cutting straight through the sands into the horizon. In the distance the out line of huts and buildings silhouetted against a sky filled with random tumbling clouds and shifting white light.

The Dark Canvas